Knowledge Events

Whilst the Equity, Flagship and Public Private Partnership (PPP) clusters focus on training, the Knowledge Events Cluster aims at setting up platforms for policy makers and researchers from across Asia to share knowledge, explore common aspects of country experiences, as well as to generate new knowledge that enables policy-makers to be better informed and equipped to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate healthcare policy.

Hospital reform is an important area of healthcare reform, with hospitals accounting for very large proportions of all health care spending, The ANHSS Knowledge Event Cluster hosted its first Knowledge Event on "Hospital Reform: A Strategic Systems Approach" with support from WBI and WB in Hong Kong on 28 – 29 January 2010. The purpose of the event was to provide a platform for policy-makers and researchers to meet, share views, ideas and experiences, and generate and disseminate knowledge on hospital reform. A strategic systems framework for hospital reform built on Harding & Preker’s and Ham & Hawkins’ work, providing a format for cross-country comparisons of hospital reform experiences. The follow up Event in June 2011 will apply the strategic systematic framework for hospital reform to specific countries and their context. Specific elements of hospital reforms will be examined in greater details -- such as organizational reforms (corporatization, public-private partnerships), governance and regulations.